Valuing Our Customers

With everyone on the go these days, sometimes it’s easy to forget the customer.  But here at Willie’s our customers are first and foremost in the minds of our employees.

The only thing as important as the food in a restaurant is the service and according to Gallup, the most powerful driver of engagement is “being treated as a valued customer,” followed by “the warmth of the greeting” and “the taste of the food.” Yet most diners don’t feel they are being treated and fed well. Gallup’s analysis shows that 27% of restaurant customers are fully engaged, and 20% are actively disengaged.  Among fast-food customers though, 20% are fully engaged, and 31% are actively disengaged.

Casual diners are more likely than fast-food customers to be engaged with a restaurant brand.  In this category, 26% of patrons are fully engaged, while 35% are not engaged, and 21% are actively disengaged, and they have very little emotional connection to a brand.

To simplify, a huge percentage of customers are left out in the cold. They are not being cared for in the ways they desire, and they are most likely not as comfortable as they could be.

That is why we ask our staff to put themselves in the customer’s shoes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about the menu, how soon you may be seated and where the restrooms are without having to ask?  We feel it is the responsibility of the staff to make things easy for the customer and to ensure their dining experience goes as smoothly as possible.

The key to providing great customer service lies in the feeling that the customer is valued.  That coupled with a warm greeting, being well-fed by enjoyable servers and the positive emotions the customer has after leaving the restaurant all play a part in customer service and satisfaction.   To many, these key drivers can be more important than healthy eating choices, speedy service, cleanliness and value.

The bottom line is, when customers feel valued and appreciated, they will develop a strong and positive emotional attachment to the restaurant.  The will spread the word via social media and word of mouth.  Good food seldom makes up for bad service, but in many cases, excellent service can make up for less than satisfactory food.

If you are looking for the perfect blend of excellent service as well as mouth-watering eats, then we encourage you to stop by any of our Willie’s locations so you can see for yourself what a true dining experience is all about!